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business selling guide

Business Selling Guide

Successfully selling a business is an important process! It requires years of expertise, a strategic plan, financial analysis, solid negotiating skills, patience and perseverance, regular and honest communications and a great attitude. The cornerstone of my process is based on the highest level of confidentiality. I am committed to guiding you through the steps of valuing, marketing, managing negotiations and closing the sale of your privately owned businesses. Here we go!


The first step will be to determine the market value of your business and ensure that it is priced appropriately. Many tools and assessments will be used to provide you with accurate and current information in order to arrive at a well-considered opinion of value. Our firm is the largest brokerage firm in four mid-south states. By combining the knowledge of our large team, along with the in-house and other resources, we can give our clients the best understanding of the value of their business in the current marketplace. Nothing facilitates a smooth and speedy transaction like a market-based price!


Next, we will create a confidential and professional marketing piece for your business. We will craft an on-going campaign to attract multiple prospective buyers. Marketing often includes strategic marketing, internet marketing, online multiple listing services, direct mail, consumer and/or trade advertising, along with our own extensive database of individuals, companies and investor groups that we know are interested in business acquisition. The search will be National and International in scope, yet also benefitting from our very large and diverse networking resources in the local markets. All advertising will mask the identity of the business we’re marketing.

Screening, Qualifying and Educating

An important next step in our disciplined process is the screening and qualifying of buyer prospects. All prospective buyers are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before any confidential information is shared. Additionally, we screen for buyer financial capability. We manage their expectations throughout the entire transaction and only share information as the buyer’s level of interest rises. CONFIDENTIALITY is constantly stressed throughout the process

Negotiating and Closing

We are seasoned intermediaries skilled at negotiating buyer/sellers meetings with a goal of arriving at “win/win” results. I will communicate with you regularly throughout the process working alongside you and in partnership with your advisors (attorney, CPA, banker) to achieve the goal of a satisfactory sale. We facilitate the due diligence and closing process.

A Very Important Differentiator - Pay for Performance

Unlike many other intermediary firms, our business model is strictly “pay for performance”. We never charge any upfront or retainer fees. The only way we generate income is through the sale of our clients businesses. I am happy to provide you with a free valuation today. . . even if your plans to sell are several months or years away! Email or Call me today!
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