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Buying a Business Guide

There’s a big difference in creating a start-up business vs. buying an existing business. Starting up a business takes a lot of energy and resources and is a risky, time-consuming process. Unless you have an idea with a fool-proof market, you might want to consider buying an existing, established business over starting something new.  

We guide people looking to purchase an operational business on what to look for financially, personally and operationally. 
Buying an operational business is easier than starting from scratch. When you buy a business, the systems and business income flows are already operational - from stocks, manufacturing, operations and even the staff. Owning a business is never easy or risk free but buying an existing business is far more predictable than creating a startup.  

To purchase an ongoing business, you can evaluate the cash flow, value and opportunity of ownership. A professional business broker can seamlessly manage this for you.

Buy a Business in Nashville or Middle Tennessee

 It’s true that first time business buyers have a lot of questions, but if you have interest in buying a business, let Karen Schorkopf assist you. As a professional business broker, rest assured that you’re in great hands. She will provide you a comprehensive evaluation report and will also help you until you close the transaction with the business owner. 

Need help? If you want to own a business and don’t know where to start, simply send me an email or give me a call. Let us discuss your interests and financial goals. Your dream of having your very own business starts here! Let me assist you.
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